Group picture of the members meeting up in Amsterdam

Annual meeting 2018

Our members met up in Amsterdam to close the books on 2018 and set the agenda for 2019.

Expanding to Russia

The Association of European Investigators welcomed a new ambassadeur. Alexey Solomanidin will be our investigator in Russia, adding another territory to our outreach. Alexey Solomanidin and his team at Vlasta-Consulting are based in Moscow. He brings in 15+ years of investigative knowhow.

What about Antartica?

We are not expanding into the most deserted location in the world. In John Withers we do have a member that spent some significant time on Antartica. As a young man, John worked as a dive engineer and logistic manager on the frozen continent for 18 months. At the annual meeting, he took the stage to talk about this intriguing experience. His inspiring speech turned out to be the highlight of this meeting.

When in Amsterdam…

Ofcourse we made time to enjoy the sights and pleasures of Amsterdam.  We booked a canal cruise to enjoy the Amsterdam Light Festival from the water. Another highlight was the amazing dinner and dance at De Bajes restaurant (De Bajes is street language for jail originating from Jiddisch). On top of that, our members visited museums like Van Gogh and Rijks on their own accord.

Next meeting: Arosa

The annual meeting 2019 will take birthplace of our organization: Arosa in Switzerland.