Employee theft

A large proportion of theft is caused by people operating within organisations: employees, part-timers and business partners. Our investigators conduct employee theft investigations in Europe. Stolen property can be:

  • Monetary (cash, bank transfers, fraudules orders)
  • Physical products (warehouse stocks, company supplies)
  • Information (company intelligence, cliënt databases, innovations)

Solving and preventing employee theft

Many of our cliënts operate internationally. They have offices, factories, warehouses, shops or other facilities in one or more European countries. They trust in us to combat employee theft by identifying offenders and acquiring proof. In addition we help them to keep their property safe by advising on and instituting preventive measures.

When to conduct an Employee Theft investigation

Contact us when you are experiencing losses in revenue, regularly missing stock items or suspecting theft of data. It is best to do so before acting on your suspicion, so we can advice you on the steps to take – for example cutting of access to property or gathering evidence for legal actions.

Stop employee theft

Deal with stealing employees in the most effective way. Use the form below to contact our coördinator for a quote. We will handle your request with discretion.

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