Insurance claim investigations

Insurance providers need clarity. About the assets they insure. And the claims that are filed. Borders complicate insurance investigations. Our association is set up for international insurance investigations. Our reports help to prevent claims, determine responsibility and stop insurance fraud.

Stop insurance fraud

About 1 in 10 claims are fraudulent. In most cases these are small forms of fraud, such as slipping in an extra receipts after a legitimate burglary. But sometimes it’s about large sums –greatly exaggerated losses or purposely destroyed property – conning both insurers and other policyholders.

Prevent recurrence

A significant number of claims can be prevented. Determining the cause of damages gives insurers valuable insight, which allows them to better advise their customers and reduce the number of incidents.

Determine responsibility

Our investigation sheds light on the origin of the damage and on who’s responsibility it is. Our reports help insurance companies place liability correctly (recourse).

Get the facts

Get to the bottom of the insurance claim. Use the form below to contact our coördinator for a quote. We will handle your request with discretion.

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